Gardening Across The World.

The World is a big place, and it all started with a garden, the Eden Garden. Maybe that’s the reason why all the gardens are so peaceful. The practice of gardening differs from one place to another because there are different types of gardens. Some are pragmatic, while some are a feast for the eyes.

We know countries like France that are known for love and romance and the gardens in France are known for their delightful window boxes. On the other hand, gardens in China are famous for their tranquility. If you decide to travel the world, then you will notice the diversity of flora we have in the world. That’s what we’re going to do today in this article. We will acknowledge the diversity in gardening across the world by talking about gardening on different continents of the world. If you’re into gardening, then you’re welcome to take inspiration from these.

Vegetable gardening in Europe

Let’s get started with Europe, shall we? In parts of Europe, especially German, a gardening method called Hugelkultur is being practiced. The literal meaning of this word is “mound culture.” In this horticulture technique, gardeners sow seeds on a raised platform (mound). This platform is made up of decayed wood and disposable plants to increase water retention and surface area. This technique has been the first choice of Germans for vegetable gardening. One company we can recommend for you readers is LDN Gardening, they have been great and their work is of high quality. Visit them here,

Horticulture in Asia

As urban land is scarce in the entire region, people in Asia use the rural land to practice Horticulture. China is an integral part of Asia. With the rise in urban migration, the disposable income of people has also risen in China. This led to a higher standard of living, which enabled growth in horticulture.

Keyhole gardens in Africa 

Keyhole gardens are found in Africa as CARE designed them in Zimbabwe. They did so to encourage people to grow their own food. Easily found materials such as bricks, branches, stones, and other things are used to make keyhole gardens. These gardens are simple to take care of and need little attention, which is perfect for disabled people.

Gardening techniques from South America 

South America had a variety of landscapes and climates, so the Inca population adopted different techniques to grow crops. They grow all the crops according to the elevation like they grow maize on lower slopes, quinoa is for the moderately steep slopes, and maca crops are grown on the elevated steep slopes. Peppers and tomatoes were part of the yearly garden system.

Landscape gardening in North America 

Landscape gardening is prominent in the North American region and especially in the United States. Can you guess why that is? In a country like the United States, where all people have equal rights and a house of their own with a separate garden, what else can you expect?

What is landscape gardening, though? Landscape gardening is the decoration of a tract of land with plants. Usually, people do this kind of gardening for the beautification of their house and pleasure because who doesn’t enjoy gardening.

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